Cheers, Montreal! / Santé, Montréal!

McAuslan brewery's terrasse. Photo: Patricia Maunder

McAuslan brewery’s terrasse. Photo: Patricia Maunder

If you’re fond of a drink, especially quality alcoholic beverages served in venues of distinction, Montreal is a fine place to wash up in. It’s not on the New York scale of extraordinary bars, but after three years here I’m still a long way from working my way through the best on offer.

Even so, I’ve done quite a bit of first-hand research, from classy cocktails to craft beer, rooftops to an art hotel bar. So if you’re visiting Montreal, or a local looking for something new, read on! Continue reading

Spring! / Le printemps!

Balcony blooms. Photo: Patricia Maunder

Balcony blooms. Photo: Patricia Maunder

Sorry, I can’t help it, I have to wax lyrical about the seasons again! You would too if you were used to Melbourne’s fairly insignificant changes from winter to spring, compared to the almost shockingly extreme and rapid transformation here in Montreal. About a month ago there were tiny shoots and buds everywhere, then one day – wham! Everything sprang to life like the starter’s gun had gone off, and all the trees and shrubs and flowers were in a frantic race to flourish. Tulips bloomed overnight. Grass grew luxuriously. Buds transformed into big, lush, green leaves over the course of just two weeks – so fast you could see the progress from day to day. Continue reading